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Plombco wheel weights

Over one million pieces of equipment are manufactured daily by the Plombco employees in both of their highly automated plants. Their products are then sold to OEM’s and aftermarket customers across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

For Plombco, we thought of a brand new strategy and created a graphic identity for all of their needs. We worked on the website over the course of many months, as it includes all of the company’s lines of products and services. A daunting task!

Photographer : Pierre Langevin


Plombco wheel weights

Logo Plombco
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  • Strategy and communication plan
  • Website
  • Artistic direction
  • Brand image
  • Printed material
  • “30 years” logo
  • Annual catalog
  • Photo retouching
Catalogue Plombco
Roll-up Plombco
« Redefining the corporate identity of an international company such as Plombco was very gratifying. »

Sarah Rochefort-Higgins, Graphic Designer

Roll-up Plombco
Roll-up Plombco
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