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Groupe Meloche

Groupe Meloche generates annual sales of over 30 million dollars. Its 130 employees specialize in fine machining, assembling and engineering for the aerospace and defense industry.

The enterprise initially partnered with us to completely rethink its corporate identity. We have created its new website and many different graphic elements, and we now guide the company in its press relations. A real example of a relationship based on trust.


Groupe Meloche

Groupe Meloche logo 40 ans
Groupe Meloche Papeterie
Groupe Meloche Site web
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  • Visual graphic identity
  • Website
  • Press relations
  • Press releases
  • In-house displays
  • Outdoors signage
  • Business cards and office supplies
  • Photoshoots in action and in studio
  • Artistic direction of videos
  • Social media visual design
  • Full exhibition booth
  • Printed material
  • Roll-up banners
  • Printed advertisement
Groupe Meloche Photo
Groupe Meloche Photo
Groupe Meloche Photo
Groupe Meloche Pièce
« Guiding Groupe Meloche through the redesigning of their brand image was inspiring for the whole team. »

Janick Tétreault-Moise, Co-Founder and Strategy Director

Groupe Meloche Pièce
Groupe Meloche Pièce